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Mineral Hydrometer

2.00 LBS
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    The Mineral Hydrometer from Mineralab is unique in that, unlike hydrometers used to measure the specific gravity of liquids, it is especially designed for solids, and in this particular case, minerals.

    How does the hydrometer work? The hydrometer comes packaged in a tube/jar to be filled with water in which to float the hydrometer. The hydrometer incorporates two weighing chambers, one in air and one under water in which to place the mineral, and a stem graduated in centimeters off which readings are taken.

    Using the hydrometer is a simple 3 step process (see colored drawing above). First, take a reading of the included gram weights in air to serve as a baseline weight. Secondly, take a reading of the mineral in air. Finally, take a reading of the mineral underwater.The 1st reading less the 2nd reading gives the mineral’s weight in air. The 1st reading less the 3rd reading gives the mineral’s weight in water. Then plug these two values into the included Specific Gravity equation to arrive at the specific gravity of the mineral.

    Kit Includes:

    • Hydrometer Jar
    • Weight Set - 100mg to 50g
    • Instructions with Illustrations
    • Fill-in-the-blank Worksheet
    • Table of 300 Minerals sorted by Specific Gravity


    • Weight Range - 1 to 20 grams
    • Accurate within 3%
    • Compact - 12" long x 2" in diameter
    • Readings made in 5 minutes
    • Use tap or stream water
    • Suitable for field use
    • Durable - made of plastic


    This is a very unique (and retro) product design, and fun to use.  It does require skill in arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as working with decimal places.  So this is a perfect gift for an advanced Junior High or High School student with a hobby/interest in minerals.
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