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Specific Gravity Kit for Ohaus Balance

1.00 LBS
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    This Specific Gravity Accessory Kit is especially designed to be used with the Ohaus Dial-O-Gram 310 and 311 Mechanical Pan Balances, for the purpose of measuring the specific gravity of minerals, or any other solids, for that matter. This kit includes:  


    Beaker of 100mL for filling with water for weighing the mineral in water (or use your own larger water container as needed)


    Gem/Mineral Holder wire/Weighing Pan



    Patterned after Ohaus' own "Gem Holder Kit" (no longer made), this reproduction includes the Weighing Pan, Beaker, and Counterweight - all you need is the Water. Compared to Ohaus' original version of the kit, we upgraded the Beaker to a higher quality PMP style for greater durability and more transparent readability. We continue to include Ohaus' original Instruction Bulletin on setup and operation of the kit.

    Measuring specific gravity using the Dial-O-Gram 310 is a simple two step process:

    1.) Weigh the mineral “in air” which is the same as weighing your mineral.

    2.) Weigh the mineral underwater as shown in the photo above. Temporarily swing the weighing pan aside to raise the recessed platform. Allow the pan to swing back, fill the beaker with water, and place it on the raised platform. Attach the Mineral Holder wire to the hook at the left end of the beam and hang the Counterweight on the right end of the beam. Place your mineral on or within the Mineral Holder weighing pan wire making sure it is fully immersed in the water and compute its weight, this being the weight of the mineral in water.

    Now plug the weights from Steps 1 and 2 into the Specific Gravity equation to determine your mineral’s specific gravity.

    Please Note:

    Because the Dial-O-Gram weighs specimens up to 310 grams, it is especially suited for Specific Gravity measurements of heavier minerals or other solid materials.  While the balance is rated down to .01 grams for weighing purpose, our tests have shown that for specific gravity measurements, the balance is not sensitive enough for stones weighing less than about 1.5 grams.  So this balance would not be suited for most gemstones.  For those lighter weight stones, choose our Hanneman Direct Reading Specific Gravity Balance or our Universal Specific Gravity Kits for your Electronic Scale instead.

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