About - Mineralab

Mineralab's origin dates back to the 1960's when its original founder developed the prototypes for two of Mineralab's original product offerings, the Deluxe Hardness Pick Set and the Mineral Hydrometer.

In modern times, Mineralab was re-established in 1995 by Tim and Jeannie Flanegin, who immediately commenced production of re-designed versions of the Hardness Picks and Hydrometer.  These products were followed by our proprietary software, Mineral Search, and our own Deluxe version of the Direct Reading Specific Gravity Balance developed by Dr. Hanneman.  More recently, we have developed and brought to market our Universal Specific Gravity Kits for Electronic Scales, and the Gem-n-Eye Digital Refractometer and Gemstone Computer.

Along the way, we also expanded our line of Mineral and Gem Identification tools to include products by other manufacturers, until we now offer a wide selection from UV lights to Gem Testers, Guide Books, Scales and Balances, and more.  As an example, Mineralab is a Preferred Distributor for Hanneman Gemological Instruments.  Also, through our affiliated website, GeigerCounters.com, Mineralab is a distributor and dealer of Geiger counters, representing six US manufacturers of those radiation detectors.  As companion products, we developed GeigerGraph Software, and founded the popular Radiation Network, where our network and software link together Geiger counters from around the US and world, to create a real time Radiation Map.

Thank you very much for your interest in our company!