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Hanneman Direct Reading Specific Gravity Balance

2.00 LBS
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    For measuring the specific gravity of gems and minerals, the Hanneman balance is perfect. It is easy to use and very sensitive and accurate. This revolutionary tool is the only specific gravity tester that offers direct reading of the specific gravity value

    sg2-gem.jpgYou needn’t make any calculations - just read the specific gravity value directly off of the scale. The Hanneman Balance covers the full range of specific gravity values - from 0 to 22, and you can measure stones as lightweight as .75 carats (or as heavy as 30 grams).

    What are the components of the balance? This device is basically a modified beam balance. Its beam suspends from a center pivot point. The right side of the beam has a fine pointer that is adjusted to a “zero” position. Suspended from the left side of the balance is a weighing pan, including an upper pan for weighing the stone in air and a lower pan for weighing the stone in water (see photo at right).

    Hanging from the right end of this beam is a counterweight holder to which counterweights are added as necessary to move the pointer to zero. Finally, the right half of the beam incorporates a graduated scale showing specific gravity values from 0 to 20.

    How do I use the Hanneman Balance? There are two simple steps. First, place the stone on the upper weighing pan, then add counterweights until the beam pointer returns to the zero position. sg2-beam.jpgSecondly, place the stone in the underwater weighing pan, then slide the counterweight holder, with counterweights, left along the beam until the beam pointer comes to rest at the zero position.   You’re done - read the specific gravity value to which the counterweight holder is pointing.  You can see in the picture at left, that in this case, the stone’s specific gravity is 2.65.

    A recent enhancement to the printed beam lists the names of common, representative Gems and Minerals immediately beneath their respective, approximate SG values.  See the photo below.beamgemnamescrop.jpg

    While the Hanneman Balance comes with a thorough Instruction Manual with illustrations, we include a handy step by step Instruction Label on the wooden base of the balance.  sg2-instructions.jpgSee photo at below right.




    What’s included with the balance? Everything needed to measure the specific gravity of your stones, except water:

    Beam balance, weighing pans, counterweights, test weight

    Beaker for holding water, tweezers for handling gems

    Complete instructions with illustrations

    Table of 300 common minerals/gems sorted by specific gravity, with 6 other properties, including refractive index  (Or purchase our Mineral Search software and let your computer do the work of searching a gem and mineral database by specific gravity and other properties)

    1 year warranty, 30 day Money Back Guarantee


    .75 ct to 30g



    Fold-up Length:



    w/in 0 to 2%



    Packing Size:

    13.5" x 3.5"sq

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    1. This scale is so cool

      This scale is great. It looks awesome and it does work. It isn’t as accurate as using a .001g digital scale with the specific density kit, but it’s soooooo cool. on Dec 10th 2022

    2. Good for determining Specific Gravity

      Very useful and simple. on Dec 25th 2019

    3. I Love Contraptions!

      I like this Scale. It’s a real nice Contraption that gives an accurate SG. Also looks interesting as it gets! on Aug 22nd 2019

    4. Fairly easy to use

      The only problem I had with the scale is getting them on the little holder (for little stones) . Overall, however the scale works very well. on Mar 17th 2018

    5. Very workable gem identification tool

      I have found the scale to be hard to work with for small stoned, Specifically, the small hook/weights are difficult to attach in the small counterweight. Additionally, the chance of spilling salt before one is done is fairly high. Some of this "difficulty" may be the newness to the procedure, but some reflection on how to deal with the smaller stones may generate other innovations on how the scale can work. on Mar 13th 2018

    6. Hanneman Secific Gravity Balance

      Tested against digital specific gravity, numbers are the same. Like the read out description of metals & gems. Well Made & Accurate on Nov 28th 2016

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