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Guide to Affordable Gemology

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    (Second Edition)

    by W. William Hanneman, Ph.D.

    Spiral Flex, 180 pages

    Dimensions (inches): 8.5 x 5.7 x .8

    Published by Hanneman Gemological Instruments

    Copyright 2001


    Publisher's synopsis (Edited and Condensed):

    Dr. W. Wm. Hanneman is a retired research analytical chemist. Gemology is his hobby. In the mid 1960’s, desirous of learning gemstone identification, he was told he must first take several prerequisite courses, each of which cost more money. Instead, he decided to buy some good books and teach himself.

    As a chemist, and since all gems were chemical compounds, Dr. Hanneman recognized gem identification could be considered a "game" of qualitative analysis. Although having millions of dollars of analytical equipment at his disposal at work, he chose to play this game using the most simple and basic equipment possible. In fact, he made his own equipment.  Part I of this book tells you how you can make your own instruments.

    Along the way, Dr. Hanneman developed and promoted the concept of Confirmative Gemology and his "ultimate weapon", The Jeweler’s Eye. After 25 years, the American gemological establishment has yet to come to understand this instrument.  Classified as an iconoclast, Dr. Hanneman has found that the American gemological powers have never had an interest in promoting his concepts. Consequently, a whole generation of American gemological graduates has been spawned who do not know his name. His significant technical papers, however, have found eager acceptance in foreign journals and his instruments have been featured in the classic English gemological books for nearly 20 years. In 1975, Dr. Hanneman introduced the Hodgkinson Method to U.S. gemology. Twenty years later, it has now become the "new rage" of the Graduate Gemology Alumni Groups.

    At the 1998 Tucson Gem Show, Dr. Hanneman sought to purchase the latest gem identification textbook from what he considered to be "The Source". He was informed that there was no textbook and their "course material" was the text. Needless to say, to take that course requires an expenditure of several thousand dollars. "So much for the concept of gem identification for the public," he thought. "Apparently, gemological techniques are destined to become ‘guild secrets’ for only the wealthy. That should not be."  In true iconoclastic form, Dr. Hanneman concluded that his clothes were just as good as the emperor’s, and he could provide a guide to gemology:  

    bullet For those who don’t need a diploma to convince themselves or others they can identify gemstones,
    bullet For those who believe they might be interested in learning the subject, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to find out,
    bullet For present students and past graduates who are interested in being exposed to techniques not covered in their courses,
    bullet For viewing it from a perspective "foreign" to current views

    Within the covers of this book, Dr. Hanneman has presented his guide. And above all, it is affordable.

    Our Review:

    A must have for anyone seeking an alternative, non-establishment view on gemstone identification, with excellent guidance on how to practice the trade affordably, and even build your own tools for gem identification. 

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    1. A must for anyone interested in Gemology

      Dr. Hanneman's approach to hands on practical Gemology is key knowledge for anyone interested in the subject. Even if you already have a formal Diploma from a good gemology school (in my case GG from GIA), the information provided in "Affordable Gemology" arms you with a set of practical techniques available to everyone and above all easy to carry around in the field, unlike the specialized equipment taught in formal degrees. on Sep 9th 2019

    2. Worth the price simply for the entertainment value

      A lot of people need a formal "diploma" from a highly respected institution, along with lots of costly equipment. That type of training is highly recommended if you really want to understand gemstones.

      If your goal is to simply identify some of the most common gemstones - part of the time - Dr. Hanneman provides an alternative approach using low cost "equipment" that can be carried in small package.

      He clearly understands the problems of buying (and selling) gemological equipment in the United States and presents his opinions with feisty panache.
      on Jun 19th 2017

    3. Guide to affordable gemology by DR. Hanneman

      Well Jim You have always steered me in the right direction. This Guide plus DR. Hanneman & Alan Hodgkinson Complete Gem I.D Filter Set. Makes it a lot easier to learn Gemology. Thank You.. Patrick St. Onge on Apr 27th 2017

    4. A true book designed to help you understand gemology without a lot of equipment

      Dr. Hanneman shows interesting and easy ways to understand identifying gemstones
      using your eyes and brain without directly using high priced instruments. I go to Dr.
      Hanneman's "Affordable Gemology" book before I use my many gemological reference books. Thank you Dr. Hanneman
      on Feb 16th 2017

    5. my gem!

      I've been searching for this book for many years. Finally found it for sale with Mineral Lab, and by random accident at that! I desided to try and ask the reference desk at a library if they could help me think of any way to get my hands on a copy, as I had only located one - and it was not available for interlibrary loan; at the GIA library in CA.
      So the librarian desided to Google the title, and POOF! It's available for purchase, lol.
      So I place my order with Mineral Lab; a few minutes later, I recieve a confirrational email my order is being processed for shipping. A few minutes after that, another email with the tracking number and that I can expect delivery within the week! VERY PROMPT, FAST SERVICE; I AM SO DELIGHTED!
      on Jun 22nd 2016

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