UV Applications

Ultraviolet lights have many uses:  

bullet Mining and Prospecting at night of valuable ores such as the Tungsten mineral Scheelite, the Zinc mineral Willemite, and many secondary Uranium minerals, and also certain gems
bullet Mineral Displays - A large number of fluorescent minerals react to Shortwave UV light, and a lesser amount to Longwave UV, making for outstanding displays in the dark
bullet To detect forgeries and repairs from glues and paints on artwork, antiques, and collectibles such as china, glassware, pottery, and postal stamps
bullet To detect special inks in evaluating Postage stamps
bullet To locate pet urine on carpet and furniture, useful to both homeowners and professional cleaners
bullet To view the fluorescence of scorpions and other arthropods and insects at night

Other Applications:  

bullet Germicidal - Short Wave UV can kill bacteria, so is used in food packing plants, koi ponds, hospitals, public restrooms, etc.
bullet Automotive and industrial leak detection
bullet To detect invisible criminal tagging dyes
bullet To reveal dye marking of hands with invisible ink used as an admission stamp at social events
bullet To trace the origin of ground and surface waters
bullet For curing adhesives
bullet Location and ID of fungi, ringworm, bacteria, and spermatozoa, also pollutants and arson accelerants
bullet Theatrical makeup and staging
bullet To reveal invisible personal property ID markers

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