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Ruby/Aqua Filter Set

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    Characterization and identification of gems by the use of color filters has always been an appealing approach because of its affordable simplicity and the ease of examining multiple specimens.

    This set, shown in the photo, includes the following individual filters, described below in detail: 

    bullet Aquafilter - for differentiating blue gemstones, separating Aquamarine from Topaz and other blue gems.  Using the Aquafilter, here is the appearance of pale blue gemstones:  


    Apparent Color

    Aquamarine Green
    Topaz Blue-Gray
    Spinel Pinkish
    Sapphire Grey
    Tanzanite Pinkish
    Zircon and Benitoite Brilliant flashes of Red and Blue-Green



    Ruby Filter - A green filter for discriminating among red stones such as Ruby, Spinel, Tourmaline, and Garnets.  Using the Ruby Filter, here is the appearance of various red and pink gemstones: 


    Apparent Color

    Ruby Bright Blue
    Red Glass Dark Purple
    Spinel Gray/Blue
    Pink Spinel Light Blue
    Pink Sapphire Light Blue
    Tourmaline Gray/Purple
    Almandine Garnet Gray
    Rhodolite Garnet Gray
    Pyrope Garnet Brownish
    Red Beryl Gray

    Using these filters is simple.  Just place the stone on the included viewing surface, illuminate it with incandescent light, and hold the filter close to the eye.  Observe the apparent color of the stone and match that up with the identifying chart that comes with the filter.  Full instructions are included.

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