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Rad 100 Geiger Counter

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    The Rad 100 Digital Pocket Geiger Counter

    The  recent stepchild to the Rad 100,  and as in its parent model, the Rad 100 is designed for general purpose monitoring  of radioactivity.

    The Rad 100 is  identical to the Radalert in most every respect.  The main difference is that the  Rad 100  has no user adjustable audible Alert feature, making possible substantial  savings to the consumer.

    Like the Radalert 100, the Rad 100 otherwise offers these features:


    bullet Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma   and X-radiation
    bullet Digital readout on large, easy   to read LCD display
    bullet Readings in CPM and mR/hr,   or µSv/hr
    bullet Total mode for timed counts
    bullet Audible clicking with each   radiation count detected (can turn off)
    bullet No user adjustable Audible Alert   (choose Radalert 100X for that)
    bullet Data Port for connection to   computer or data logger

    Select the navigation button, or click here for detailed Specifications on the Rad 100, except for the audible alert feature.

    The Rad 100 is an excellent value for the money, offering good sensitivity in  a user friendly Geiger counter with digital readout.

    Specifications for the Radalert  100:





    Halogen-quenched, long thin cylindrical Geiger-Mueller tube (LND712)      with side wall of .012" #446 stainless steel, and with thin mica      end window


    Window Size

    1.5 to 2.0 mg/cm²     thick;

    Radiation Detected Alpha, Beta,     Gamma, X-ray
    Sensitivity Detects alpha down to 2.5 MeV; efficiency at 3.6 MeV > 80%
      Detects beta at 50 keV w/35% efficiency, at 150 keV w/75%
      Detects gamma and X rays down to 10 keV thru window, 40 keV minimum      through case; gamma sensitivity is 1,000 CPM/mR/hr     referenced to Cs-137
      Normal     background is approximately 10 to 20 CPM



    ± 10%typical;±15% max.


    Operating Ranges


    .001 to 110 mR/hr; .01 to 1,100 µSv/hr; 0 to 350,000 CPM; 0 to 3,500       CPS; Total from 1 to       9,999,000 counts; Timer: up to 40 hours

    Anti-Saturation "Jam" protection allows readout out     to hold at full scale in high radiation fields
    Indicators LED display, red LED count light,     audible beeper for count rate, and audible alert
    Display     4-digit liquid crystal display with mode indicators; updates every 3     seconds
    Count Light     Red LED flashes with each count
    Beeper     Chirps for each count (can be muted)
    Alert     User-adjustable alert level to 50 mR/hr & 160,000 CPM, set using three buttons -     default is 100 CPM



    At factory to NBS standard Cesium 137 gamma source

    Temperatur Range -10 deg. to +50 deg. C, 14 deg. to     122 deg. F

    Power Required


    One 9-volt alkaline battery (included in price of the unit)


    Battery Life


    About  2,160 hours at nomal background       radiation; about  625 hours at 1 mR/hr       with beeper off




    225 grams (8 oz.) including battery




    150 x 80 x 30 mm (5.9 x 3.2 x 1.2 in.)

    Output Port Stereo 3.5 mm jack on side sends     counts to computers, data loggers, other CMOS-compatible devices, and     headphones
    Input Port Mono 2.5 mm jack provides     electronic calibration input
    Options      Computer cable and software (See Software)
    Warranty Two year limited on instrument, 1     year on Geiger-Mueller tube; includes CE mark

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    1. Rad 100

      Works great! in a radioactive world! on Feb 16th 2021

    2. necessary and easy to use device

      through my years of mineral collecting i have borrowed detectors from friends and colleagues. over the past several years, my family has joined in my passion for rocks and minerals. for their safety, and for mine, i am most pleased to have purchased this easy to use, rugged, reliable detector. on Jun 5th 2019

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