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We offer the following selection of portable UV Lights. Click on the links below, or the navigation buttons above:

 Mini UV Lamps

bulletMost compact and affordable
bullet4 Watts
bulletS/W, L/W, or Combo Wavelength
bulletBattery operated
bulletPrice Range $37 to $109


bulletMost powerful 4 Watt Lamp
bulletErgonomic & versatile handle
bulletS/W, L/W, or Combo Wavelength
bulletBattery operated or AC Adapter
bullet120V or 240V AC
bulletPrice Range $98 to $126

UVP Portable

bullet6 Watt Power
bulletDistinctive wraparound handle
bulletS/W, L/W, or Combo Wavelength
bulletOperates on 2 Lantern Batteries
bulletOptional Rechargeable Batteries
bulletPrice Range $285 to $355

UVP Rechargeable

bulletInternal Rechargeable Battery
bullet2 side by side 6 Watt Bulbs
bulletS/W, L/W, or Combo Wavelength
bulletOptional adapter runs off car lighter
bulletRechargeable on 115 or 230 Volts
bulletPrice Range $319 to $410

The most popular configuration of UV lights is the Combination Short Wave/Long Wave units.  When deciding on which UV lamp to purchase, keep in mind that generally, the higher the wattage, the brighter the lamp.  It also follows that the brighter the lamp, the less need there is to use it in the dark in order to see the fluorescent effect.

The brightness of portable lamps like those above is limited by the fact they they must designed to run on batteries.  For those wanting an extremely high intensity lamp for inspection purposes, we offer the following corded 115 Volt lamp which, by using an extension cord, can be made relatively portable.

B-100SP High Intensity

bullet130 Watt High Intensity
bulletUsable in Daylight
bulletLong Wave for Inspection
bulletRuns off 115 Volt power
bulletPrice $449


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