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We offer 4 very different models of Pocket Geiger Counters, along with additional meter or detector configurations for 2 of those 4, totaling 7 different selections.  Click on the links or pictures below for detailed information and specifications on each of these models:

     DX-1 & 2        Monitor 4         Radalert 100         Inspector
 $289 to $309   $259 to $409   $359 to 429              $549

Which Pocket Model is right for me?

bulletDX-1 - Detects Beta, Gamma, and X-rays on an analog meter to 10 mR/hr.  An affordable and simple to use Geiger counter for general purposes or for the hobbyist - adequate for a basic determination of whether or not something is radioactive.  Price: $289
bulletDX-2 - Identical to the DX-1, but with a higher ranging meter, up to 100 mR/hr.  If you want to not only detect radioactivity, but also to quantify it, for instance at 15 mR/hr versus 60 mR/hr, then the DX-2 would be preferable to the DX-1.  Price: $309
bulletMonitor 4 - An excellent all-around pocket Geiger counter that detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays up to 50 mR/hr, and offers switchable operating ranges, an especially nice feature for low levels of radioactivity - you can set it to the most sensitive operating range so the analog meter is easier to read, i.e. the needle will "jump" that much farther for the same level of radioactivity.  Price: $369
bulletMonitor 4 Kit - For those who want to save money off the factory built and calibrated Monitor 4, and who also enjoy building electronic kits from scratch.  Price: $259
bulletMonitor 4EC - A specialized version of the Monitor 4, with an energy compensated Geiger-Mueller tube that offers a more accurate linear reading for Gamma and X-rays (above 40 keV), making the EC model especially suitable for checking X-Ray machines for leaksPrice - $409
bulletRadalert 100X - The successor to the proven and popular Radalert 50, an excellent all-around pocket Geiger counter that detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays up to 100 mR/hr, but does so with a digital readout instead of an analog meter.  It is comparable in sensitivity to the Monitor 4, but offers a user-adjustable audible alert.  It also has a mode for accumulating Total Counts, making it very easy to establish a background radiation level.  The Radalert incorporates a data port for output to a computer, along with optional software.  Price: $429
bulletRad100 - A more affordable version of the Radalert 100X for those who do not need the user adjustable audible alert feature.  Price: $359
bulletInspector Alert - Among the most sensitive pocket Geiger counters available, a very popular unit, and perhaps the best hand-held unit ever.  Its oversized pancake styled Geiger-Mueller tube detects the lowest levels of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays, making it suitable for higher sensitive applications such as checking food for radioactive contamination.  Plus, the Inspector offers a digital readout to 100 mR/hr, versus an analog meter, has an adjustable timer to set sampling periods, and a data port for output to a computer, along with optional software.  The Inspector Alert  incorporates the same user-adjustable audible alert as in the Radalert 100X  Price: $549

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