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Synthetic Emerald Characterization Set

A 2 filter set which allows one to quickly separate synthetic Emeralds (flux or hydrothermal) from natural Emeralds.  Used in conjunction with the Chelsea Colour Filter, this filter set greatly simplifies the recognition of synthetic Emeralds.  Just remember, "Red, Red, Drop Dead!"  Do not buy an Emerald which shows red through both the Chelsea Filter and the Hanneman-Hodgkinson Synthetic Emerald Filter unless you intend to purchase a synthetic flux grown product.  Also included is a Support Filter for the easy differentiation of Russian hydrothermal products.

To use the set, first make sure the stone to be tested is a natural or synthetic Emerald, using the Chelsea Colour Filter and/or other method.  Then illuminate the stone and hold the filter close to the eye.  A natural Emerald will generally stay greenish or lose body color.  On the other hand, a synthetic Emerald's body color will generally turn pinkish/reddish.

Full instructions are included.  This product typically ships within 24 hours.

Qty: SKU: F-2000   Price: $29

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