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Diamond Testers are electronic instruments with a fine tipped probe that contact the stone and convert the level of thermal conductivity into a positive or negative test for Diamond.  Diamond has very high thermal conductivity, exceeded in gemstones only by Synthetic Moissanite, so a Diamond Tester is able to rule out all other simulants such as Cubic Zirconia, YAG, GGG, etc, and the Diamond Nite and Multi Tester models rule out Moissanite as well.


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We offer 4 different models, including a basic Diamond Tester, or just a Moissanite Tester, or two all-in-one combination Diamond and Moissanite Testers.  Review the descriptions below to decide which one is right for you, and click on the pictures or hyperlinks for detailed descriptions of each one.

bulletMizar Diamond Detective: A straight Diamond Tester that distinguishes diamond from all simulants except synthetic Moissanite.  Choose this if you want a single affordable instrument that covers most of the bases. This tester also works on natural Diamonds, so if you deal only with uncut Diamonds, given that Moissanite simulants are synthetic, this is the only tester you would need. - $109
bullet Moissanite Terminator II: Distinguishes Diamond from synthetic Moissanite, after a Diamond tester has first been used to narrow the identification between the two. Choose this if you already have a Diamond Tester, and want the additional security of a check against synthetic Moissanite.  The Terminator is convenient, requiring no adapter or cords. - $129
bullet Mizar DiamondNite: An all-in-one tester for Diamond, synthetic Moissanite, and Diamond simulants.  Choose this if you want the security of an all inclusive test in the convenience of a single instrument. - $229
bulletPresidium Multi Tester III: Probably the top of the line in an all-in-one tester for Diamond, synthetic Moissanite, and Diamond simulants.  In addition to those distinctions, the actual Simulant section of the instrument's scale usually corresponds to a member of the Corundum family, i.e. Ruby and Sapphire.  - $289

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